About Us

It's surprising how many elements blossom during the course of a wedding. The blush of a bride, the smile of a groom, pride of parents, tight embraces and even harmless flirtation in the excuse of fake banters. Weddings are where emotions come to life, along with the flowers and lights, with the sounds and smells and taste of everything that denotes happiness and love. It's so overwhelming, so full of joy and emotion, that it is almost impossible to hold all that in frames.

But then, we can sure try!

At Wedding Fables, we indulge in a game of capturing moments that would stay forever. Our weapons? Light, lenses, frames, and yes, lots of imagination. This is a fascinating game! Because your laughter and tears create numerous moments that fly around the halls, venues, and eyes almost screaming to be captured! And we are there to do just that.

A wedding is more than an alliance; it is a celebration of love, and we are here to tell the story of your wedding in a way that makes you relive the most important day of your life, not just as a record of it happening, but as a tribute to the love that was bestowed.

Imagine a group of elves that were there to capture your best dream and turn it into a fable, so you can watch it over and over again.

That's us.

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Meet with
our creative team

Martin Friman Martin Friman

Deepak Virmani

a.k.a Director
Martin Friman Martin Friman

Mansi Majithia

a.k.a Creative Visualiser
Martin Friman Martin Friman

Harshraj Shroff

a.k.a Cinematographer